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daily refreshments

A project by daily services with Angélica Chio.

daily refreshments allows fragmentary readings of the dictionary definition of "color" in the form of the empty bags left after enjoying refreshments with bright colors and surprising flavors.

The artistic action was conceived by daily services more than 10 years ago. It was presented in 2002 at the »Día del mar/by the sea« community day, P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, New York; »Rotación XVI«, MUCA Roma, Ciudad de México; »consum a(c)ción«, Los 29 Enchufes, Madrid; and »sox36-Party«, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin; among other places.

Having being invited to perform an action in the evening of the summer solstice 2014 at »ANDERS TUN« in Berlin, we started to reflect on the important changes that have taken place in our society in the last 10 to 12 years, and the need to be considered for a new mise-en-scènes of this action.
In our view, one of the biggest changes during this period has been the awakening of a common consciousness about the origins of products we consume. We soon realized that, today, nobody would unquestioningly drink an artificially coloured beverage as was the case in the past. This in mind, we decided to create new daily refreshments using only natural, organic fruits.

Special thanks to Stefan Krüskemper, Michaela Nasoetion and Christiane ten Hoevel for the invitation to ANDERS TUN.



daily services serves four different refreshments with bright colors and surprising flavors:
daily sunshine
daily passion
daily fresh
daily ocean

The refreshments are served in plastic bags, which are marked with part of a text and a coordinate.
People are invited to fix the empty bags on a Cartesian plane at the point indicated by the coordinates.
The empty bags on the Cartesian plane build up a text, which allows fragmentary readings of the dictionary definition of color.

Special thanks to the daily support!


Dieser Service bietet vier unterschiedliche Getränke mit leuchtenden Farben und überraschenden Geschmacksrichtungen an:
daily sunshine
daily passion
daily fresh
daily ocean

daily services serviert die Getränke in transparenten Plastikbeuteln, die als Aufdruck ein Textfragment und eine individuelle Chiffre tragen.
Die Leute werden gebeten, nach dem Genuss der Getränke die leeren Plastikbeutel an einer mit den korrespondierenden Chiffren markierten Stelle zu befestigen.
Das vollständige Feld der Beutel lässt den Text einer Lexikon-Definition des Begriffs "Farbe" entstehen.

Besten Dank an daily support!


daily services ofrece cuatro bebidas diferentes de colores brillantes y sabores sorprendentes:
daily sunshine
daily passion
daily fresh
daily ocean

Las bebidas son servidas en bolsas de plástico que llevan marcados parte de un texto y una coordenada.
Cada persona que recibe una bebida es invitada a colocar la bolsa vacía sobre un plano cartesiano, en el punto de intersección que indica la coordenada.
Las bolsas vacías así reunidas construyen sobre el plano cartesiano un texto que permite lecturas fragmentarias de la definición de color del diccionario.

Un agradecimiento muy especial a nuestro daily support!

María Linares
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